Studio Helm

The Archives Collective

London-based property developer The Archives Collective needed an identity and stationery for their two emerging property brands: The Archives Collective, and Inigo & Co.

An mandatory element for inclusion in the logo was the pineapple. As a company that places so much emphasis on the strength of its research, the concept of the Grand Tour, which once served as a form of education for young, affluent Europeans,was an apt metaphor. One curiosity of the Grand Tour was the pineapple, which only the most wealthy could afford to serve at their dinner parties. It is also a symbol of hospitality in parts of South America. The pineapple therefore became the heart of the identity for both companies.

Helm created the elaborate pineapple device, which was then foiled onto the business cards. The Archives Collective serves a more prestigious and affluent market, so its cards took a palette of deep navy and gold, whereas the cards for Inigo & Co, with its focus on more edgy developments, featured a more industrial palette of black on grey.


Logo design
Stationery design