Studio Helm

Gagnier Villeneuve Architects

After more than a decade delivering beautiful and honest architectural solutions within Quebec and Canada, Gagnier Villeneuve decided it was time to celebrate their success by updating their identity and launching a brand new website.

Helm created a brand identity which is kept simple and unassuming, allowing the agency’s work to take centre stage. The diagonal stems of the A and V are visually linked through grey lines, a subtle nod to the very lines of an architect’s remit.

The brand palette takes its inspiration from the hues of the work environment, comprising a series of undulating soft grey tones. For the website, a selected portfolio of projects form a visual menu which users can easily filter by category, providing an instant sense of the breadth and quality of the agency’s portfolio. Photographer Jazz Waheed was brought on board to photograph the staff and working environment, bringing to life the human element.

Since the launch, there has been an extremely positive reaction from clients and industry alike who have praised the new design, and which has resulted in a huge increase in site visits.


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Jazz Waheed

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