Studio Helm

Sunny Side of the Doc

Sunny Side of the Doc is an international marketplace for documentaries, held annually in La Rochelle, France.

Studio Helm has long admired the Sunny Side of the Doc’s international marketplace event, so naturally we were thrilled to create their brand campaign for 2021. The central theme this year was one that resonated with our own philosophy of creating stories which question, engage and impact: #StorytellingMatters.

We set out to create an iconic and fun identity which brings together a diverse range of people with a shared passion for nonfiction storytelling. In ancient times, the oral tradition of storytelling was done in front of a campfire. The identity is an abstracted and contemporised depiction of campfire embers, shooting high into the air, burning bright and illuminating all before them. Documentary filmmaking is, after all, the art of shining a light on stories that deserve the world’s attention. It ignites people’s thirst for knowledge, and fuels their curiosity.