Studio Helm

Valor Private Wealth

It takes courage to invest in a market when everyone else is pulling out. This is the mantra of Sydney-based boutique private wealth management firm, Valor Private Wealth, who are bringing a fresh new perspective and business model to an industry largely devoid of innovation.

Helm created a new logo for Valor, its repetition of the letter V forming a shield device, signifying courage, strength and security; vital associations for a financial organisation. A new website was also concepted, designed and launched. Much of Valor’s investment philosophy is based on the Warren Buffet approach, one of the industry’s most respected and successful veterans, and a man who is a prolific writer with a rich history of intelligent, sage-like advice. Key Buffet quotes were chosen and overlaid across imagery, which together serve to reinforce Valor’s holistic approach to wealth creation. A secure client dashboard was created, which allows clients to stay up-to-date with their portfolio’s performance in real time via 24/7 secure access. A bespoke set of twelve duo-colour icons was also created to explain Valor’s eight pillars of investment and signify different sections of the site.


Logo design
Website design
Icon design